JSD Update November 19

Grateful we are!  We are incredibly grateful to you for your patience as we have almost made it through the first semester.  Our cases dropped significantly in November.  As of today, in the month of November, we have had 8 cases with exposure while at school, compared to 70 in the month of October in the first 19 days!  Thank you for all the precautions you are using at home and in the community to make this possible.

At the beginning of the month we began a “Test to Stay” protocol that has mostly eliminated the need for unvaccinated students to quarantine away from school when they are determined to be a close contact.  The protocol guidelines are linked here:


If your child is determined to be a close contact and is unvaccinated, the school will discuss the protocol with you and you will have the option to keep your child in school with daily antigen testing that you do at home before sending them to school.  The tests are provided by the school district.  The testing occurs during the normal 7 day quarantine period.  There are more details in the linked protocol.


In other good news, the district has worked on restructuring the RALLY program in order to lower the fee.  Starting December 1, 2021, RALLY will cost $575 for the full time after school option.  This is down from $958.  Other rates also decreased.  If you need additional information or are currently not enrolled, but would like to enroll, please contact Misti Hogberg at 907-780-1411 ormisti.hogberg@juneauschools.org.


A reminder that sometimes weather conditions in the Juneau area make it necessary to close school. It is important for families to know how the school district communicates school closures or schedule changes. These same procedures are followed for other emergencies.

The decision to close schools is generally made by 5:00 a.m. by the Superintendent in consultation with the First Student Bus Company Manager, City and Borough of Juneau City Manager and the National Weather Service Juneau Forecast Office.

School closures or schedule changes are posted by 6:00 a.m. atwww.juneauschools.org. An alert with emergency information will overlay all pages of the website. School-related announcements are also sent to local media.

In the event of a school closure, automated phone calls, emails and text messages are sent to families at 6:30 a.m. The notification system uploads data from PowerSchool each night, so please make sure your phone numbers are current at your child’s school.

Make an emergency plan with your children in the event that schools are closed, start late, or are dismissed early. Talk about where to go or what to do if a parent is not at home. Check with your school orwww.juneauschools.orgto find out if there are “snow routes” for your child’s school bus. On days when snow bus routes are used, an alert with bus information will appear on the website and information will be sent to local media.

We appreciate all you are doing at home to help your child be successful at school. Teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, and others are all working each day to meet the needs of our students.  I am incredibly grateful for the teamwork I see each and every day.

Be Well….Superintendent Weiss

District Office Information

District Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Physical Address: 1208 Glacier Avenue Juneau, Alaska

Mailing Address: 10014 Crazy Horse Drive Juneau, Alaska

Phone: (907) 523-1700

New board members sworn in


New Board of Education Members, Elizabeth Siddon & Will Muldoon in person and Amber Frommherz online, took the oath of office on Tuesday, October 19, with the Honorable Judge Amy Mead presiding.

Board of Education

To contact the Board of Education, please email: schoolboard@juneauschools.org For more information about school board meetings, committees and Board of Education policies, visit the School Board page in the menu bar above.

Thank you Country Financial!
Country Financial Hand Sanitizer donation

For the donation of 2700 bottles of hand sanitizer!

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Mask delivery

For the donation of cloth masks!

Website Accessibility

It is the goal of the Juneau School District that the information on its website be accessible to individuals with disabilities in compliance with the requirements of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and that the statute's implementing regulations at 34 C.F.R. Part 104, and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and that statute's implementing regulations at 28 C.F.R. Part 35.

If you have difficulty accessing information on our website due to a disability, please contact us at webmaster@juneauschools.org and provide the URL (web address) of the material you tried to access, the problem you experienced and your contact information. Be sure to include your name, email address and phone number so that we may contact you.

Grievances can be filed with the district using the procedures established by the Public Complaint Processes and Appeals Board Policy 1312. For more information or to obtain forms contact jessica.richmond@juneauschools.org.

To access complaint information and forms online please click on this block.

A statement from the Juneau School District Board of Education

June 9, 2020 - We join with others across the nation in solidarity to listen and to respond by confronting racism in our community. We hear the message from protests occurring around the world that racism is real, we recognize that Juneau is not immune, and that it continues to negatively impact our society. We hope this moment in history will mark authentic change, honoring the collective will we share to create a just society.

The Juneau School District pledges to deepen its partnerships within the community. It commits to continuing the work of addressing race equity through critical and courageous conversations. We strive for equality for all, but we acknowledge that there is a gap. We are united in our mission and goal of equity for all students. We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to learn in a world-class educational setting that is respectful and free from bias. The District’s recently adopted five-year strategic plan names the pursuit of equity as one its pillars, and a necessary prerequisite to achieve our mission. We name equity as a core value, alongside accountability. We stand with others that expect even more from our institutions, including our schools. We pledge to continue to listen and to take actions to positively contribute to the formation of diverse, engaged citizens ready for a changing world.

Elementary School Mascots
Secondary School Mascots
Anti-Racism Message from Supt Weiss

Over the course of the last two weeks I have been reflecting on our equity and non-discrimination policies and strategic work in the Juneau School District. As a district we have a long standing focus on Equity that can be found in our policies and our programs. I wish that were enough. But as we have all watched events unfold across our country, I am reminded we must continue our commitment and take bold steps to fight for what our students, our community, and quite frankly, our country needs. To ensure an anti-racist environment for our students. We acknowledge that Juneau schools are not exempt to racial injustices--each child deserves better.

Our equity policy states “every student deserves the opportunity to learn in a world-class educational setting that is respectful and free from bias. The Board champions the dignity and worth of all people and recognizes that identification and removal of systemic barriers are essential to achieving equity in education.”

JSD’s new strategic plan boldly identifies our commitment to narrowing our achievement gap. Beneath the goals of the plan lies the work of encouraging open minds, conversations free of blame and full of empathy, building a district community that is respectful, patient, kind.

It is important to support our children during this time of uncertainty. Even for adults, dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic is unsettling. Our students need opportunities to discuss their experiences. Given the local and national discussion on racism, there is a greater need. In the block below are a few resources that may support you in thinking about the dialogue with children.

I am proud to be a part of the Juneau School District and of our commitment to social justice for each and every child. Today I renew our focus on establishing ourselves as a non-biased, inclusive school district. The work is not yet done...

In Partnership--Superintendent Weiss