Equity and Community Engagement plays an integral role in ensuring equity in access and opportunity in educational programs. This work includes civil rights compliance guidance across JSD schools and departments in an effort to remove barriers.

The Juneau School District strives to create and maintain a positive and constructive workplace environment for all employees. The district provides professional development and guidance to assist all staff in their response to workplace conflict. In addition, the District Office advises administration regarding employment conditions affecting employee relations including effective communication, setting workplace expectations and boundaries, and conflict resolution strategies. The District Office also facilitates EEO and ADA processes.

The Juneau School District maintains compliance with federal and state civil rights laws, local equal rights ordinances, and the district's nondiscrimation and anti-harassment policies and procedures. The District Office provides compliance training for employees, investigates discrimination and harassment complaints, generates workplace demographic reports, and works with supervisors to identify reasonable employment accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

For more information, contact the JSD Compliance Officer at (907) 523-1713 or email at Mack.Brittingham@JuneauSchools.org.