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New Student Registration

5 days ago

Online Registration Link for New Students:

Enrollment Express

The Juneau School District is pleased to announce that we are offering a new, secure, online registration process for our families beginning August 3, 2020.

Registration is a two step process:

  1. The first step is to create a student enrollment for each child you are enrolling in school using our new online registration system called Enrollment Express. You will receive a brief email that your Enrollment Express record has been received. Enrollment Express records are processed Monday-Friday during normal workday hours. A short delay may be experienced before you can proceed to step 2.

  2. After your Enrollment Express record is approved, you will receive a second automated email containing the information necessary to create a parent account in PowerSchool. Your parent PowerSchool account will allow you to complete the registration forms online. Assistance creating your parent PowerSchool account and linking your child(ren) to that account can be found in the Creating a PowerSchool Parent Account guide.

This online student registration link is for new to Juneau School District students only.

  • Students already enrolled in the Juneau School District do not need to register again.
  • Attention kindergarten parents: If you completed your kindergarten registration and turned it in to the school prior to the COVID-19 closure, you do not need to register online.
  • Students in kindergarten through eighth grade must register at your neighborhood school. If you are unsure of your neighborhood school, boundary maps are available to assist you. Students registering for preschool may apply to a school outside of their neighborhood school.
  • High school students are free to choose either Juneau-Douglas High School or Thunder Mountain High School. Bus transportation is provided across the district to both comprehensive high schools. Find out more information by visiting our high school choice web page.
  • Registration kiosks are available at each school for families without internet access or electronic devices.

  • It is necessary for all students who are new to the district to provide the following documents prior to attending class: birth certificate; immunization record; proof of residence for your neighborhood school; and for high school students, out of district transcript. These documents can up electronically uploaded when completing the registration forms using your PowerSchool parent account or delivered to the school registrar.

  • You will be contacted by your school's administrative assistant notifying you when your child has been successfully enrolled.

The new, online registration process provides parents with the convenience and flexibility of enrolling their students online, anytime. This system will eliminate precious hours spent filling out forms by hand, making multiple trips to the school for missing items, or losing work time to schedule appointments during school hours.

Online registration features include:

  • Parents will input their child’s information to ensure its accuracy.
  • Multiple students can be enrolled at one time.
  • Information completed during the registration process automatically flows to PowerSchool and BlackBoard ensuring parents receive important information updates from their school.

 If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at: or (907) 523-1722.


Returning Student Registration

5 days ago

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