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The Juneau School District Board of Education welcomes you to our meetings. Participation from parents, teachers and the community help make our schools stronger, support school programs and increase student performance. The Board encourages community involvement as an essential element of effective schools.

Each regular meeting of the Board of Education allows for public participation in a number of ways. Public comment is taken on Non Agenda Items, Action Items, and Special Presentations relating to our schools.

How to Address the Board of Education

Please introduce yourself, state your affiliation and let us know what you would like to talk about. Although School Board meetings are open to the public and generally have an audience, your focus should be directed at the board members themselves. Public participation in these meetings is an opportunity for the Board of Education to receive input and to ask questions of a speaker but not the time for an individual to ask questions of or request information from the Board or school district staff.

Public Comment on Non Agenda Items

Public comment is generally taken near the beginning of regular board meetings. Members of the public wishing to speak about a topic related to education or the school district, but not on the agenda, may speak at this time. Please use the sign up sheet posted before the meeting. The President of the Board calls people in that order. Public testimony is generally limited to between two to five minutes per speaker, dependent upon the number of individuals signed up to speak. The Board may ask questions, but does not take action on Non Agenda Items. A written statement of your testimony is helpful for the board to keep on record. 

Testimony on Action Items

Any member of the public may also speak on Action Items on the agenda. Sign up on the Action Item sign in sheet and indicate the topic you wish to address. The public can usually comment when that topic comes up during the meeting. Public testimony is taken after staff have introduced the item and Board members have asked questions, but before Board discussion and action. If you provide a written statement of your testimony it is keep on record.

Board of Education Mission Statement

In Juneau, we partner to provide each student with meaningful, relevant, and rigorous learning experiences in order to graduate diverse, engaged citizens ready for a changing world.

Document Accessibility

If you are unable to access any information on the Board of Education webpage please contact Jessica Richmond at jessica.richmond@juneauschools.org or 907-523-1702.