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  • First Day of School!
    First Day of School!
    Supt Weiss visits schools on the first day for grades 1-12.
  • Superintendent Weiss Welcomes Teachers
    Superintendent Weiss Welcomes Teachers
    Juneau teachers kicked off the new year with a two-day conference on equity in the classroom!
  • Teachers gather for new school year!
    Teachers gather for new school year!
    Juneau teachers kicked off the new year with a two-day conference on equity in the classroom!
Welcome message from Superintendent Weiss
Juneau at its finest! Wow--what a summer we all enjoyed in Juneau. And it seems to keep on giving… As we start the new school year, I want to welcome all of you! This is always such a unique time of year for educators, families and children. There is something about the “freshness” of the school year that gives hope and motivation to both staff and students. As we look to the new year, we continue to have a relentless focus on reading, writing and math - while we also work to build systems of support for families, increase our social and emotional support for students, increase our family engagement, and partner with our community to ensure all children come to Kindergarten ready to learn.

With three new Board members coming onto the team last October and the sunsetting of our five year Strategic Plan, we are well positioned to focus on crafting a new Strategic Plan. This will be a major focus between now and December. Your input is invaluable to the process. Please watch for opportunities to engage in the design of our new plan. We know the core of our mission will remain steady--providing a high quality educational experience for EACH student, but there are values identified in much of the “how” we get there, and what “success” means for each student. We are very much looking forward to your involvement.

Due to my interim status to start the last school year, we operated short staffed throughout the year. It is with great excitement that I can announce we are starting this school year fully staffed and have a fantastic team assembled to support students, staff, and families. Added to our district administrative team is Tim Bauer as Director of Human Resources and Chris Aguirre as Director of Student Services. Both bring wonderful experiences and a commitment to the success of Juneau students to the table! They are joined by Sarah Jahn, Director of Administrative Services, Ted Wilson, Director of Teaching and Learning Support, and Kristin Bartlett, Chief of Staff in serving you and your children. We also are thrilled to welcome new principals to our team: Molly Box, Interim Principal at Harborview, Elizabeth Pisel-Davis, Interim Principal at Riverbend, and Joanna Hinderberger, Principal at Mendenhall River Community School.

For me, serving the community of Juneau in this role is beyond my wildest hopes and dreams. Being a third generation Juneauite motivates me in a unique fashion. Juneau is a special community and one which collaboration runs very deep. This year the City and Borough of Juneau has funded the Juneau School District to the “Cap” and is also funding coaches, officials AND administrators for activities. Support like this is not common in other parts of Alaska! This support along with our many grant opportunities and partnerships in the community make all things possible!

With much angst around us in the world, there is MUCH optimism of what we can do for our children when we work together. Thank you for the privilege of partnering with you as we work to prepare students as our next set of community members, world citizens, and leaders.

In partnership,
Bridget Weiss
District Office Information
District Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Physical Address:
1208 Glacier Avenue
Juneau, Alaska

Mailing Address:
10014 Crazy Horse Drive
Juneau, Alaska

Phone: (907) 523-1700
  • STEM in schools
    STEM in schools
    Middle school students visit the Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute.
    Robotics students at TMHS built a robotic rose for the school production of Beauty and the Beast.
    Dzantik'i Heeni students explore the beach at Auke Bay.
    Fish Tech students perform field research with ADF&G.