Credit Achievement Recovery & Employability Skills (CARES)

Credit Achievement Recovery & Employability Skills (CARES) is a 21st Century Grant Program run by the Juneau School District as an after school credit recovery program for all Juneau high school students.  The ultimate goal of the CARES Program is to help credit deficient students succeed in their day schools, and graduate on time.
CARES offers credit recovery classes beyond the traditional school day, with a supportive and student-centered learning environment.
  •  10:1 student to adult ratio allows for an individualized approach
  •  Diverse instructional strategies and materials fit various learning styles
  •  Hearty snacks are provided every day at 4 PM, to support healthy nutrition and to recharge minds before classes begin
  •  Partnerships with local organizations provide hands-on, community based learning beyond the classroom
  •  Career readiness based on a student’s post-graduation vision, to prepare them for success after high school

“To provide a quality after school credit recovery program that is founded on best practices and solid research. This will re-engage those students who might otherwise drop-out of school and not graduate, therefore helping students “recover your credits, recover your future.”

Program Director:
Dave Newton

Admin. Assistant:
Meleta Winn

Angela Imboden

Student Advocate:
Josh Deutsch

Day School Liaisons:
JDHS –                 Nancy  Seamount
TMHS – Lia Hinkle

Telephone: 907.523.1817
Fax: 907-523-1819

Semester 2 Class Schedule Semester 2 Class Schedule for upcomming CARES classes (Physical Science, English, Math and Plato – Check back for the addition of classes)

Scroll down for schedules of individual classes.