Choosing a High School

Juneau School District students and families have the opportunity to choose the high school and the program that best matches each student’s personal interests and goals.

Both Juneau-Douglas High School and Thunder Mountain High School have comprehensive academics, competitive sports and activities, and a variety of career pathways. Ninth grade students can choose to attend either of these two high schools as freshmen.

Yaakoosge Daakahidi Alternative High School in Marie Drake provides small classes on a quarterly basis and personalized learning for youth 16 and older. Each student has an adult advocate who helps students customize a schedule and succeed. All students are required to have a job or a volunteer commitment for credit. Each student is issued a laptop. Students are eligible to participate in sports and athletics at JDHS or TMHS. For more information or an application call 907.523.1800.

HomeBRIDGE home school program provides an alternative for families who prefer individualized, independent instruction, prefer to educate their child in a home-based environment, or need a program that can travel with them anywhere. Students are eligible to participate in sports and athletics at either large high school. For more information call 907.523.1821.

** The 2014 High School Selection Process **

  • Students and families are encouraged to attend High School Information Nights - 5:30 pm at Juneau-Douglas High School on January 22th and 5:30 pm at Thunder Mountain High School on January 23th 2014 - to learn more about school programs. School tours begin at 5:30 pm and the presentations start at 6:15 pm. Representatives from each school will be available at both locations.
  • The 2014 Guide to Choosing a High School outlines the process and includes the 8th Grade Choice Cards. Copies will be handed out at the Information Nights and will be available at middle schools in January 2014. Please see attachment below.
  • Eighth grade students must complete a High School Choice Card to choose the school they want to attend. Cards are included in the 2014 Guide to Choosing a High School.
  • Students need to get a parent or guardian signature on the choice card– PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED.
  • High School Choice Cards are due to middle school offices by February 14, 2014. Students not returning cards are assigned a high school based on where they live.
  • Once students have chosen a school, families will visit JDHS or TMHS to help students select courses for next year. Eighth grade families will receive information about specific times to visit your school of choice by mail.
  • If you have questions about high school choice, please contact your high school or middle school counseling office.
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