Community Support Services

Helping Others Through Grief
  Suggestions for how to help a griever.

Mental Health Services in the Juneau Community for Adolescents and Families
  A list of providers in our area.

School Counseling Program
  Contact names and information for counselors each school.

Suicide Prevention Resources
  Juneau Community Suicide Prevention Task Force
  Signs of Suicide (SOS) Curriculum in the Juneau School District

Tobacco Cessation
  Alaska's Tobacco Quit Line.
  Call: 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) A registration specialist wil ask you a few questions before transferring you to a Quit Line Coach. 
  The Quit Line Coach will ask questions about your tobacco use, identify personal patterns and triggers that cause you to want to use tobacco,
  work with you to develop a personal quit plan, and assist with deciding which medications are right for you.