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Sixth Grade Art Kits - Descriptions & Links to Lesson Plans

Birch Trees with Kes Woodard

Students learn about Fairbanks, Alaska painter Kes Woodward and how he paints birch trees. They practice watercolor techniques and discuss composition and perspective as students create a watercolor birch tree painting.

Box Designs

Students learn about careers in art and the design and color choices they must make as they construct custom boxes with lids. These boxes can be used as containers for gifts

Creative Character Sculpture

Students collaboratively think of a character, animal, human, or make-believe. Working with a partner, they creatively solve problems to make their character from “found” materials. Construction and embellishment make the characters come alive.

Doodles and Form

Students learn how to use shading techniques to change shapes into forms, thus making a 3-D appearance.  Surrealism is discussed as the students juxtapose their forms to create a surreal composition.

Gesture Figure Drawing

Students look at the gesture drawings of Daumier and practice drawing the human figure in action with ovals and triangles.  The drawings are painted and collaged.

Grids and Values in Art and Math

Students use isometric grids, and an Escher drawing, to gain experience with scale and create eye-popping 3-D effects with blending soft pencils.

Horse Studies

Students learn about Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci, and his desire to cast a 24-foot tall horse from metal. They are also introduced to the work of contemporary sculptor, Deborah Butterfiled, who makes life-size horses out of various materials. Students practice drawing horses, add rubbed textures, and use the drawings to assemble collages.

Hundertwasser: Architect

Students learn about Austrian artist and architect Friedrich Hundertwasser, and look at the buildings he designed. Students design a part of a building—door, window, or dome—in his style and add bright colors. The whimsical shapes and patterns should tell a bit about themselves.

Lampost Banners: Celebrating the Arctic Winter Games

Using the 2014 Arctic Winter Games logo as inspiration, students develop two printing plates for a series of two-color registered prints to serve as scale banners for a model light post. (The two-color printmaking process taught in this lesson is a viable means of generating registered prints.  Use it to develop images for cards, posters, etc.

Observe, Question and Write

Students examine a piece of art by asking who, what, when, where and why questions.  After reporting information through question, they write a short story or paragraph.

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