100 Days of Listening

There are many great reasons to live and work in Juneau.  Among those reasons is the incredible sense of ownership our community has for the success of children in general and students specifically.  On October 8th, I concluded one hundred days of listening in which I had the opportunity to hear from over 200 people – all of whom made me feel welcome as a newcomer to Juneau and all of whom demonstrated a deep commitment to the success of our youth.

The conversations began with a general discussion of what this new superintendent should know about the community and its schools – what’s working and what needs to get better.  From there the ideas flowed in many directions based on the interests of the individual or small group.  All of the conversations were helpful.

There is a link below to a document that summarizes the themes, which emerged from the discussions.  I invite you to take a look.  It is posted on our website so that you can know what I heard.  To those of you who shared your ideas, concerns and hopes – thank you.  For those who didn’t please know that you can – anytime – just call 907.523.1702 and set up an appointment.

There are four steps in this process.  The first was to listen.  The second step is to share what I heard.  Each of the people who came in to share will receive a notice that the themes are posted on this website.  We’ll use this website and e-mail to notify many others.

The third step is for us to use the information we heard.  To that end, these ideas will be used along with community surveys, external evaluations, and student achievement data to inform a comprehensive strategic plan for the next three to five years.  That strategic plan will drive our use of time, people and other resources to ensure the success of all students.

The final step is to implement our plans and evaluate their effectiveness in reaching our goals.  We will do that in an ongoing process of listening, communicating, and monitoring student progress. 

The Report - 100 Days of Listening, Emerging Themes