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District Improvement
The Juneau School District has a District Improvement Plan embodied in the JSD Strategic Plan. The results are published annually in the “Dashboard Indicators of Success” report which is located on the Teaching and Learning Assessment page.

The purpose of the plan and the report is to increase student achievement, improve our programs, and meet the goals of continuous improvement. The process for improvement looks at student and district needs and prepares action plans based on researched-based practices. Each year, the District asks parents and guardians of our students for participation in this process. For further questions or to express interest, please call the federal programs coordinator at 523-1730 or email

Reasons for District Improvement Plans: Under the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), each state determines annually whether or not schools have made adequate academic progress toward meeting the academic testing standards and additional measures set by the state.

In June 2013, the Alaska State Board of Education & Early Development adopted new school and district accountability regulations to replace the Adequate Yearly Progress system of No Child Left Behind. The new accountability system is based on two prongs: the Alaska School Performance Index (ASPI) and Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) targets. Please refer the the State of Alaska's website providing details about the updated system of accountability.

Detailed assessment results for Juneau schools are available on the District Assessment web page or on the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development website.

Parents can also help by increasing their understanding of the assessments, understanding the importance of good attendance and graduating from school, visiting schools and becoming a volunteer, and engaging in reading and math strategies at home.

Additional information about the Federal Programs, such as ESEA, and what parents can to do improve student achievement can be found at the U.S. Department of Education Parent page.


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Federal Programs: Public Complaint Procedures

The Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires school districts to adopt procedures for resolving disputes regarding operations of programs authorized under the Act. The intention of this section of the law is to inform the public of dispute procedures. 

There may be disputes about transportation or enrollment decisions from students, families or advocates of students in foster care or experiencing homelessness, as described in the Title I-A program. In these or other situations involving the ESEA (ESSA) programs, the forms provided on this weblink can be used. We prefer to resolve conflicts in a proactive manner, however. If you have a complaint, please call the Federal Education Programs Coordinator, at 523-1730.

Please refer to this Juneau School District Board Policy for further information.

Who may file a dispute?

Any organization, parent, teacher, or member of the public may file a complaint against the LEA, the Local Education Agency–the Juneau School District.


How is the complaint filed?

A Federal Programs Dispute Resolution Process form is completed and submitted to the Federal Programs Office, c/o 10014 Crazy Horse Drive, Juneau AK 99801


Definition of a Complaint

There are both formal and informal complaint procedures. A formal complaint must be a written, signed statement that includes: 1. an allegation that a federal statute or regulation applicable to a local education agency (LEA) program has been violated, 2. facts, including documentary evidence that supports the allegation, and 3. the specific requirement, statute, or regulation being violated.

Qualified Paraprofessional
Please contact Anna Cramer or Cherish Hansen in Human Resources with questions regarding the ParaPro Assessment or Qualified Paraprofessional (QP) status.

QP requirements apply to K-5 Paraeducators at Title I School-wide schools: Gastineau, Glacier Valley and Riverbend.