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Welcome to Student Services
Welcome to Student Services
I am excited to be working in Juneau in my role as Director of Student Services. My responsibilities cover a broad range from Special Education to Nursing and Wellness to the School Counseling program, McKinney-Vento "and beyond"!

It is the goal of our department to serve the needs of the many students and families who attend our schools. We provide support in many ways to our students and staff.

In times of limited resources and transition, communication and creative problem solving become a priority. My target is always inclusive, proactive, and respectful communication. I will work closely with our staff throughout the year to figure out how to meet the needs of JSD students and staff. Our counselors, nurses, health assistants and Special Education staff all prioritize around serving our kids and families.

I am delighted to work with a terrific group of people here in Student Services department. Stacy Diouf, Brooke Munro, Meredith Jaecks, Rachel Zepp, Tracy Balovich, Robin Landes and Mollie Eppers are all instrumental in supporting the work Student Services does for our students. We hope through our work as a team we can support teachers' efforts and impact the effectiveness with which we serve kids and families as a district. That support comes in many sizes and shapes so please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help.

In Partnership,

Dr. Bridget Weiss
Director of Student Services
Emergency Response Preparedness
Student Services works with the District Office when there is an emergency or crisis within one of our district schools.

District Office Chief of Staff, Kristin Bartlett, is the primary contact for emergency response. 907-523-1707

Student Services Director, Bridget Weiss, is responsible for dispersing resources to district buildings as needed 907-780-2050

Student Services Staff Contacts 

4 months ago

Frank Coenraad

Student Services Manager

(907) 780-2050

Stacy Diouf

Special Education Coordinator

(907) 780-2051

Arlea Harris

Special Education Support Teacher

(907) 780-2064

Brooke Munro

Special Education Support Teacher

(907) 780-2062

Robin Landes

Student Services Specialist

(907) 780-2054

Tracy Balovich

Administrative Assistant

(907) 780-2072

Rachel Zepp

Administrative Assistant

(907) 780-2071

Mollie Eppers

Administrative Assistant: Students and Families in Transition Program

(907) 780-2060

Student Services Staff