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Information Technology Department

3 months ago

Help Desk

(907) 796-5899 
Department Hours:
Monday to Friday: 7:30AM to 3:30PM
The Help Desk is open for emergencies and classroom issues.  
For all other inquiries please use the 
Work Order System. 

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Information Technology Officer - Christopher Murray


Network Technician - Cliff Savage

Network Services, 3Com and Mitel Phones, Power Systems, Wireless, Firewall, Cameras


Systems Technician - Ezra Strong

Backup Systems, Automation, Virtual Systems, Website, Servers and Server Shares, Powerschool, Destiny, Application Servers, Clever and other connection systems, Active Directory, Google Apps, Email, MAP and AMP, Wireless 

Systems Technician - Christopher Cairns

Papercut, Munki, System Center Configuration Manager, MDT/WDS imaging, application packaging and deployment, operating system customization, Group Policy, Active Directory, Google Apps, Email, Wireless

User Support Lead - Kristina Derr

 Coordinates all Support Specialist schedules and workflow, advanced troubleshooting and repair, long term projects, site relations, professional development, project lead


Information Technology Support Specialist - Richard Culver, Michael Eder, Guy Unzicker, Loren Bettridge, Seth Schlosser

Remote/Field/Project Support, troubleshooting and repair, professional development

BYOD Software

4 months ago

Mobility Print Install


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Adobe Personal Device - PC

Adobe CC PC Download

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Adobe Personal Device - MAC

Adobe CC MAC Download

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Discounts for Personal Staff and Student Purchases
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NetExtender Configuration

about 1 year ago

NetExtender allows JSD staff connected to the internet from anywhere in the world to "tunnel" into the JSD network and interact with in-network resources as if they were connected from a JSD location.  

Configuration is the same for Mac & PC:
Sample of the NetExtender login window

Username: yourfirst.lastname
Password: your district password

Note: NetExtender will not work from within the JSD network. 

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