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Student Registration FAQ

Q: How do I enroll a new student in the Juneau School District?
A: Contact your neighborhood school. Registration packets are available online but are  processed through the individual school offices, not through the District Office. JDHS is  open during the summer and can help high school students register anytime. Other schools open during the first week of August. New Student Registration Day 2024 is August 5 for middle school and elementary students. 

To complete a packet, please do the following:

1. Find which school your student will attend. For help see Boundary Maps block on Student Registration page. 

2. Fill out a student registration packet found in the Student Registration Packet block and either email or take it to the school. 

3. If you are registering during the summer, you will hear back from the staff once they are back in the building, during the first week of August. If you would like to print a packet and take it to the school, please check the school website for office hours. 

Q: I'm not sure which school my child is attending, what do I do? 
A: If you are unsure which school your child will attend, please contact/fill out the packet for the school that you think they might attend. The administrative staff at any school will be able to help you direct the paperwork correctly once they receive it. If you are registering in the summer, you will hear back from the staff once they return to the school building in August. 

Q. When can my student start school?

A: After all registration forms are completed and supporting documents submitted, your neighborhood school administrative assistant or registrar will call you with a start date.

Q: Do I contact my neighborhood school to re-enroll a student who did not attend a school in the Juneau School District at the end of the previous school year?

A: Yes, please contact your neighborhood school, and you may be required to update your student's online forms and provide supporting documentation. returning student registration process online.


Q: Can I walk into the school and get a paper registration packet to take home and fill out?

A: Yes, or email your neighborhood school registrar to receive the paperwork through email and print fill out at home and bring into the school.


Q: If I give the office staff permission to sign in for me, can they fill in the forms for me electronically?

A: Due to liability and security reasons, the guardian must complete the forms for the student(s) being enrolled.


Q: Can I request a specific teacher?

A: In order to maintain equity, we try to balance all classes which does not allow for teacher choice.


Q: What is an access code and id and where do I get it?

A: An access code and id is necessary to create a PowerSchool account. If you are registering a new student, this information is provided via an email from Enrollment Express. If you don't receive the email (be sure and check your spam and junk email folders!) you may contact the school administrative assistant or registrar and they can provide you the information. Your PowerSchool account is the mechanism for completing the online registration forms and uploading supporting documentation for your new student(s). It also allows you access to view your student(s) homework assignments, attendance, etc. If you are a guardian of a returning student, contact the administrative assistant or registrar of your neighborhood school and they will provide you the access code and id.


Q: Can I put the mother's boyfriend's name under father on the demographics page?

A: The information provided for the mother and father should reflect what is the on the student's birth certificate or other legal documentation. If you need to add other legal or guardian paperwork or submit additional contact information for your student, please contact your school administrative assistant or registrar.


Q: I would like to add another contact but already submitted the form. What should I do?

A: Contact your school administrative assistant or registrar. A school contact list is available on the student registration web page.


Q: I want my son to have my new husband's last name, but he hasn't adopted him. Can I just use it anyway?

A: No, we must have your student's legal name. A legal name change document or new birth certificate must be provided to the School District to initiate a name change for your student.


Q: I don't have access to the Internet or an electronic device, how do I enroll my child?

A: Parents can go to any school in the School District and request a paper registration packet.


Q: Can I just come to the school and have them do the enrollment for me?

A: This is currently not an option.


Q: How do I enroll my child if they are not attending a neighborhood school, but an optional program?

A: The Juneau School District has an application process for students wishing to attend the Juneau Community Charter School, Montessori Borealis Public Alternative School, and the Tlingit Culture, Language, and Literacy Program at Harborview Elementary School. Oftentimes these are referred to as optional programs. Contact the school administrative assistant for additional information.

Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions? 

A: Please refer to the Registration Packet block and email the person who is receiving the packets for the school. Note, if you are registering in the summer, they will not receive your message until they return to the building in August. 

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