Talent Enrichment and Development Program

10 months ago

The Juneau School District, in partnership with our families and community, provides students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to be contributing citizens in a changing world. The goal is success for ALL students through rigor, relevance, and relationships.
The strategy areas are:

  • Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum and Teaching: Research and identify best practices, in district and elsewhere, for rigorous and relevant teaching and learning that advances high expectations and meets the individual needs of students. Recommend ways to support teachers and staff in implementing these practices with their student for instruction guided by the district goals.
  • Relationships: Identify ways to strengthen and expand multiple positive, committed relationships at all building levels. Recommend ways to support schools in maximizing and maintaining the relationships students have with the staff and community and that schools have with the home.
  • Responsive Intervention: Identify effective academic and social-emotional intervention programs and recommend ways to support schools in employing responsive interventions in all grades at the earliest sign of student need.

Gifted students in the Juneau School District receive educational support and services that provide opportunities directed to their unique needs. These services include a differentiated instructional program that teaches higher level, creative thinking processes in a flexible and responsive learning environment that is respectful of the uniqueness of the individual student and is conducive to risk-taking and the exploration of new ideas.

Board of Education Policy Regarding Gifted Students

The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility for the provision of educational opportunities for gifted students.  To that end, the Board directs that such students be identified and offered appropriate instruction, per Board Policy 16173(a).

For purposes of this policy, "gifted students" are those students who, by virtue of outstanding abilities, intellect, or creative talent require differentiated educational programs and services beyond those normally provided by the regular school program in order to realize their potential contributions to self and society.  The capacities of such students may be manifested as general intellectual ability, specific academic aptitude, creative and productive thinking, leadership ability, and/or artistic talent.

The programs offered gifted students shall not only encourage and challenge them in the specific areas of their outstanding abilities, but shall also address special needs which result from their giftedness.  Special programs supplement, extend, or accelerate, but do not replace, the Board adopted curriculum.  Programs for the gifted shall be periodically evaluated for their continuing efficacy, and adjusted accordingly.

The District's plan for delivery of service to gifted students shall set out the procedures and criteria for identifying students as gifted.  Individualized student learning plans shall be developed for gifted students through a process that provides for teacher, parent and student participation.  Parents, on behalf of minor children, and students who have reached the age of majority may use the process provided in BP 5710, Student Grievance, to resolve concerns regarding the District's program for gifted students or the individual student learning plan provided to their child/the student.

Contact Information:

Kristin Garot • 907-523-1720 • kristin.garot@juneauschools.org