Grants Contact

Contact Amanda Duvall, Grants Process Manager, with general grant questions or to start the process of preparing to apply for a specific grant., 523-1730

Frequently Asked Questions

2 months ago

What is the JSD Duns Number?  

It is a federally assigned unique numeric identifier for our school district. Please contact Tammy Grove,, for the number.

Does our District have a grant writer?

No. The district does not have a grant writer on staff.

My grant application asks for poverty levels in our district. What do I report?

See the Demographics Chart the Assessment website.

What is the indirect rate?

The indirect rate is a federally approved rate certified by the State of Alaska. 

The indirect rate certified for FY24 (school year 2023-24) is 4.61%.

The indirect rate is a federally approved percentage of the grant. It pays for the administrative costs not readily identified with a specific project activity but incurred for the benefit of the project. The indirect rate includes finance department overhead costs associated with the payment of expenditures such as supplies, contractual services, and payroll, and includes costs associated with time that the grant accountant spends with grant expenditure tracking and report.