Equity Standards

a year ago

EQUITY WITHIN THE JUNEAU SCHOOL DISTRICT                         Board Policy 0450

The Board of Education believes that every student deserves the opportunity to learn in a world-class educational setting that is respectful and free from bias. The Board champions the dignity and worth of all people and recognizes that identification and removal of systemic barriers are essential to achieving equity in education. Furthermore, the Board holds itself and its employees accountable in developing and sustaining an educational system that reduces and eliminates discrimination, in intent and in results. 

Equity in education is the deliberate act of providing resources and opportunities – both educational and co-curricular – to assure that all Juneau School District students develop the academic and social-emotional skills to be successful. 

To that end, the Board directs the Superintendent through a regular cycle of review using data to identify and eliminate educational barriers impacting students. Special attention is to be given to educational policies, regulations, programs, curricula, and instruction. Practices will supply appropriate support to assure full inclusion of students in a robust educational program. 

It is the intent of the Board of Education that this policy is to supplement, not supplant, any and all existing Board Policies relating to equity. 

The aforementioned efforts will be consistent with the Alaska Standards for Culturally Responsive Schools adopted by the Alaska State Board of Education. 

(cf. 0100, Philosophy)

(cf. 0200, Goals for the School District)


Link to Juneau School District Equity Standards Workbook

ADOPTED: 07/01/2017

REVISED:          12/14/2021