High School Choice

January is high school choice month! As an eighth grader in Juneau, you can choose the high school that best matches your interests, no matter where you live. Bus transportation is provided across the district to both comprehensive high schools

Incoming freshmen are free to choose Juneau-Douglas High School: Yadaa.at Kalé (JDHS), Thunder Mountain High School (TMHS), or HomeBRIDGE (HB) correspondence program.  The Juneau School District also offers an alternative high school option at Yaakoosge Daakahidi High School (YDHS) which requires an application and interview. This program has additional requirements and may not be available to all freshmen. No matter which school you attend, all students can participate in competitive sports and activities. All Juneau School District high schools are accredited and issue a full diploma.

How do students choose?

First, plan to attend the 2024 High School Information events and school tours to find out about the unique programs of the different schools. A Zoom session will include information about all high school options. Principals from all schools will be at the zoom session to answer questions as you learn about high school programs.

Monday, January 22nd - Zoom info session, 5:00 pm https://juneauschools-org.zoom.us/j/84765286354?pwd=akxoMkRBd0RZTHdZcmhYa0dvTlJZQT09

Wednesday, January 31th - School tours @ JDHS 5 - 6:30pm

Thursday, January 25th - School tours @ TMHS 5 - 6:30pm

Then, complete a High School Choice Form to select the school you want to attend.

High School Choice Forms are due to middle school offices by Friday, February 16, 2024.

Make sure your parent or guardian signs the card before returning it to your middle school. Students not returning cards are assigned a high school based on where they live.

Information about high school programs

Juneau-Douglas High School: Yadaa.at Kalé and Thunder Mountain High School offer comprehensive academics, arts, career and technical education courses. Yaakoosgé Daakahídi High School provides a small school setting designed for students who are behind on credits, want a more personalized setting, or need extra supports to graduate. All high schools offer AVID classes (Advancement via Individual Determination), postsecondary preparation, and advising. A standard diploma is awarded at all three high schools.


9th Grade All freshmen are enrolled in required English, math, and science classes. Students also take other classes including social studies, physical education, health, work readiness, fine arts/world languages, and career and technical education electives.

Career Pathways and Endorsements

Students can choose elective courses connected to Career Pathways and Endorsements at both JDHS and TMHS.

Pathways provide students with an opportunity to choose a special area of study to enrich their education and explore career choices. Endorsements outline a series of connected courses taken in a pathway and are listed on a student’s transcript upon graduation.

Honors and Advanced Placement courses are offered at both JDHS and TMHS. Elective courses at all high schools help meet graduation requirements and provide opportunities for students to earn college credits with the University of Alaska.

High school course catalogs with detailed descriptions about each class and programs are available at schools.

School Tours 2024

Take a tour of the schools! Join us for a visit on either or both of these nights:

Wednesday, January 31th - School tours JDHS 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Thursday, January 25th - School tours TMHS 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Graduation Requirements

Juneau students need 23 credits to graduate. Each semester-long class successfully completed equals one half-credit.

English/Language Arts, 4 credits Science, 3 credits includes: Physical Science, 1 credit Biology, 1 credit Math, 3 credits includes: Algebra 1, 1 credit Geometry, 1 credit Social Studies, 3 credits includes: Alaska History, .5 credit US Government, .5 credit US History, 1 credit World History, 1 credit Fine Arts, 1 credit (includes World Languages) Work Readiness (includes AVID), .5 credit Health, .5 credit Physical Education, 1.5 credits includes: Fitness Concepts, .5 credit Electives, 6.5 credits

The Alaska Performance Scholarship program (www.aps.alaska.gov) and most post secondary training programs and universities require additional credits in Math, Science and Fine Arts/World Languages. Consult your school counselor –postsecondary planning starts now!

High School Activities

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Activities Programs

Both JDHS and TMHS offer a full range of activities and athletics and are member schools of the Alaska School Activities Association (ASAA) and Region V.  All incoming freshmen are immediately eligible for first semester activities. Continued eligibility is determined by grade checks and semester grades.  

Students who transfer from one high school to another should be aware that there is a one year sit out period before participating in ASAA Varsity Level activities at another high school in Juneau. 

Check with each school to identify specific activities and athletics that are offered. Fall athletics often start prior to the first day of school.

YDHS and HomeBRIDGE students can participate in activities at either TMHS or JDHS.

Thunder Mountain High School

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Thunder Mountain High School Programs

Career Pathways and Endorsements

  • Marine and Environmental Sciences

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math-STEM

  • Culinary Arts

  • Business

  • Education

  • Fine Arts  

    • Performance Arts  

    • Visual Arts  

    • Digital Communications

TMHS Principal, Shawn Arnold 

(907) 780-1900, tmhs.juneauschools.org

Yaakoosgé Daakahídi High School

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Yaakoosgé Daakahídi High School Programs

  • Classes are smaller and have mixed grades. Cognia school accreditation recognized YDHS for its strong mission, excellent staff, and student-centered program.

  • Credits are awarded on a quarter system; there are opportunities to start at YDHS throughout the school year at the beginning of each quarter. YDHS has dual enrollment opportunities for students.

  • YDHS has a strong connection to the community; classes integrate place-based learning opportunities, and students and staff regularly give back to the community. 

  • Advisory is an important part of the school community. Students and families work closely with an academic advisor who helps develop a personalized plan for graduation and explore postsecondary pathways.

  • All classes needed for graduation can be earned at YDHS; a standard diploma is awarded. 

  • Most students at YDHS are juniors and seniors.

YDHS Principal John Paul

(907) 523-1800, ydhs.juneauschools.org

HomeBRIDGE Home School

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Any K-12 student in the Juneau School District can enroll in HomeBRIDGE, the district’s correspondence/homeschool program. HomeBRIDGE has a dedicated staff that is housed at Marie Drake.

All 9-12 HomeBRIDGE students ...

  • choose a neighborhood high school as their “home” school - that’s the school from which they will receive their diploma.

  • meet the same graduation requirements.

  • take classes from accredited vendors to meet graduation requirements.

  • set your own schedule

Students can take 1 or 2 classes at their “home” neighborhood school but must take at least 50% of their core classes from HomeBRIDGE.

Families have a yearly allotment for classes, computers, electives and materials related to their course of study. 

The handbook and other information can be found on the HomeBRIDGE webpage. 

HomeBRIDGE Principal Corey Weiss

(907) 523-1821, https://homebridge.juneauschools.org/

Juneau-Douglas High School: Yadaa.at Kalé

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Juneau-Douglas High School: Yadaa.at Kalé Programs

  • Choosing Healthy Options in Cooperative Education (CHOICE) is available to students in grades 9-11 who may need extra support to graduate, including core math support. Students work with the same teachers for three years and develop close relationships.  This program follows Double block periods so students earn year long credit in one semester. Students complete required English, Math, and Social Studies by the end junior year. 

  • Early Scholars is a high achieving and culturally-relevant, place-based learning environment for Alaska Native and Native American students.  Students in grades 10-12 loop through their social studies core requirements as well as take UAS seminars each semester during the school day.  

Career Pathways and Endorsements

  • ACE-Architecture, Auto, Construction, Engineering  

    • Architecture  

    • Auto Mechanics  

    • Construction     

    • Engineering  

  • STEM-Engineering, Health Sciences, Marine Sciences

    • Engineering

    • Health Sciences

    • Marine Sciences

    • STEM

  • Business or Communications  

  • Fine Arts  

    • Instrumental

    • Theater  

    • Visual Arts  

    • Vocal Performance  

JDHS Principal, Paula Casperson

(907) 523-1501, jdhs.juneauschools.org