Adaptive Art Kits - Descriptions

10 months ago

Abstract Color Wheel

Students look at abstract painter Robert Rauschenberg and his art with letters. After gluing their initials and a black paper shape on a white piece of paper, they spread primary colors (using matt board pieces) to make secondary colors. Lastly, they add black until they feel their artwork is finished.

photo of student painting/collage

I Am a Star

Students discuss how they can 'be a star' by helping others. They look at books with shapes and colors and name them. They then glue colored shapes on a long strip of railroad board -- punching holes in some of them to make peek-a-boo colors. Lastly, they fold, add stars and hang!

photo of student artwork

Snowshoeing and the Arctic Winter Games

Students practice their spatial skills creating a wintery scene with their own special snowshoes. They also learn how snowshoes work to keep us above the snow, their animal inspiration, and their role in the Arctic Winter Games.

photo of student snowshoe art