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Yaakoosge Daakahidi High School

Yaakoosge Daakahidi High School Programs

  • Classes are small (approximately 16 students) and have mixed grades. Advanc-ED school accreditation recognized YDHS for its strong mission, excellent staff, and student-centered program.

  • Credits are awarded on a quarter system; there are opportunities to start at YDHS throughout the school year at the beginning of each quarter.

  • YDHS has a strong connection to the community; classes integrate place-based learning opportunities, and students and staff regularly give back to the community.

  • Advisory is an important part of the school community. Students and families work closely with an academic advisor who helps develop a personalized plan for graduation and explore postsecondary pathways.

  • Most students at YDHS are juniors and seniors.

Principal Kristin Garot, YDHS

(907) 523-1800,

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