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Preschool Art Kits - Descriptions

Clay Salmon Tiles

Children recognize Northwest Coast art forms: (ovoid, “s”, “u”) in artwork. They make a pottery clay salmon tile. Texture is added using ovoid stamps, and other materials. The tile is painted with underglaze, dried, and fired in a kiln.

photo of clay salmon tile

Fish Prints

Children sponge paint an ocean background, then paint a real fish and make a print. The fish print is cut out and glued onto the prepared background. 

photo of fish print

Table Painting

Students hear a story about a traditional Tlingit paintbrush and learn how to hold a small brush and paint on paper on a flat tabletop, as opposed to an easel.  

photo of child's painting

Trickster Scissors

Students are inspired to “change shapes” with scissors by hearing a story about Tlingit Raven changing shapes.  After cutting papers into small pieces, students reassemble them and name their new design.  

photo of student art
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