Juneau School District Goals 2008 – 2013

Goal #1 - Increase Student Achievement
Increase all student achievement to meet or exceed JSD core standards.

  • Significantly Increase Graduation Rate
  • Significantly Increase Alaska Native Graduation Rate  
  • Increase Test Scores
  • Increase Test Scores of Alaska Native, Poverty, English Language
  • Learners and Special Education Students Meeting District Core
  • Increase Number of Schools Meeting Adequate Yearly Progress
  • Increase the Percentage of Student Enrolled in Advance Placement
  • Courses

Goal #2 - Educate Students for Effective Citizenship
To be participating and contributing members of the community.

  • Increase Student Ability to Serve as a Community and Global Contributor
  • Increase the Percentage of Students who Participate in School, Community or Civic Activities

Goal #3 - Assure system wide structures that support achievement, inclusion, and graduation for all students.
Implement educational practices that positively impact all underperforming groups of students.

  • Improve School Climate and Connectedness
  • Improve School Climate and Connectedness for Alaska Native Students
  • Increase Alaska Native Student Attendance
  • Increase Percentage of Minority District Staff
  • Increase the Use of Equitable Practices in the Classroom
  • Increase the Percentage of Diversity Sub-Populations Enrolled in Advanced Placement Courses
  • Increase the Percent of Diversity Sub-Populations Taking SAT/ACT