Elementary Art


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An art program that focuses on mentoring and providing resources for classroom teachers will effectively bring art into the daily lives of children.


Classroom teachers will be empowered to teach lessons that help their students develop age appropriate art skills and learn concepts based on the Juneau School District Visual Art Curriculum. Locally created art kits will provide complete resources for teaching lessons that meet the district art curriculum objectives, and relate to the interests of Juneau children, the local culture, and art from a worldwide perspective. 

How it works:

An art teacher who is part of the Juneau School District staff will visit each Juneau classroom several times a year and model newly developed art lessons. These lessons teach art skills which build on those learned in previous years, and relate to issues and curriculum that are important to Juneau students.  The purpose of these teaching visits are two-fold, to provide art lessons for children taught by a trained art teacher, and to model art-teaching techniques for classroom teachers.  Each newly designed lesson is made into an "art kit" and added to a growing library of kits. Classroom teachers have 25-30 different art kits available at each grade level. Teachers request these kits to use in their classroom. Through this model, students receive new art opportunities each year that follow a continuum and that develop their skills and creativity.