Policy 8110 - Vacancies on the School Board

The process for filling a vacancy on the School Board will be conducted in a fair and expedient manner.  A notice soliciting applicants from the public to fill the vacancy must be placed  in the local media; at a minimum, the notice must set out the necessary qualifications for service on the Board, the application procedure to be followed, and the time frame for the selection process.

The selection process may include:

  1. asking each applicant to complete a questionnaire developed by the Board, and
  2. requesting that each applicant appear before the Board in open session to provide a statement and answer questions.

Final selection of the individual to fill the Board vacancy will be determined by a majority vote of the remaining voting members of the Board   At the request of any Board member, balloting will be conducted in secret.

A.S. 14.12.070

Adopted: 12/01/92 (All day)
Reviewed: 10/03/06 (All day)


There is no regulation for this policy.