District Spelling Bee and Battle of the Books!

District Spelling Bee

After 20 rounds of words, Makenna Lovejoy won the Juneau School District 2014 Spelling Bee by correctly spelling the words "encryption" and "Freudian".  Lila Quigley fought long and hard for second place, successfully spelling "expediently" and "acknowledge".   All students were incredibly polite and great competitors.

The State Spelling Bee will take place February 28, at the Anchorage Performing Arts Center.


Battle of the Books

Our Juneau students have been READING!!  Participants in the Alaska Association of School Librarian's Battle of the Books Program have been reading and practicing questions from books on the 2013-14 lists.  The competition was tough, with a few tie-breaker rounds with eight to ten extra questions!  

The following teams are our 2013-14 Juneau School District winners:

3/4 Level:  Gastineau Elementary School: Owen Costello, Matthew Hartsock, Gavin Millard and Fin Shibler
5/6 Level:   Gastineau Elementary School: Claire Engstrom, Luke Kulm and Jenae Pusich
6-7-8 Level:  Floyd Dryden Middle School: Reece Bleakley, Wyatt Graber, Dorothy Kuterbach and Cole Mitchell
High School Level:  Thunder Mountain High School:  Freddie George, Michael Moulton, Calley Odum and Taylor Russell

These teams will represent Juneau School District at the State Battles in the Alaska Association of School Librarian's Battle of the Books Program.  

State Battles take place via audio-conference----

3/4 level Thursday, Feb 20

5/6 level Friday, Feb 21

6-7-8 level, Monday, Feb 24

HS level Tuesday, Feb 25

If you see these students, please congratulate them on a job well done and wish them luck for the State Battles and Bee!