JSD-JEA Agreement

The Juneau School District Board of Education has ratified the tentative agreement on a new contract with the Juneau Education Association (JEA). The members of JEA held a ratification vote Wednesday evening. The school district and the union reached the tentative agreement in January.  The new two-year contract is for the current school year and next school year.

Key components of the new agreement include:

  • Salary Increase:  Funds from a health trust set aside will be shifted from the trust to the salary schedule, adding $1,447 per teacher.  In addition, the salary schedule will increase by 1.5% effective January 10th of the current year and an additional 1% for the next school year.  This increase is in addition to “step and column” increases teachers earn for additional experience and education both years.
  • Health Insurance:  The District’s contribution to teachers’ health insurance will increase by $10 per month for the current year and an additional $50 per month next year.
  • Professional Development Set Aside: The amount set aside for a professional leave account will increase from $50 per teacher to $70 per teacher each year.  This fund is managed by a committee of teachers and administrators.
  • Personal Leave:  Teachers will have fewer personal leave days available, but more of those days are paid leave.

Additional employee cost increases - commensurate with this agreement - will be about $400,000 for this school year. This includes increases for members of JEA, as well as obligations for other employee groups.

The estimated additional cost next year for the Juneau Education Association agreement is $890,000.  The additional cost for other employee groups for similar increases in salary and benefits is estimated to be $618,000.  

Board of Education Vice President Sean O’Brien said, “The Board is happy to close this chapter and we look forward to moving ahead, working together to benefit all students,” following the school board’s vote on Thursday.