Teacher Team Selects SpringBoard for English/Language Arts Curriculum

Juneau School District is pleased to announce our Secondary English Language Arts Curriculum Renewal Team has selected SpringBoard to be utilized in grades 6-12.  SpringBoard, is a research-based English/Language Arts program that prepares ALL students for high school, Advanced Placement, college, and career beyond high school.  SpringBoard is the official “Pre-AP” program from College Board.  It is aligned to the new, more rigorous Common Core State Standards, and built upon the College Board Standards for College Success.


  • Is comprised of units of instruction, assessments, and online resources.
  • Provides a variety of embedded teaching and learning strategies to help differentiate instruction and represent research-based best practices.
  • Strengthens critical thinking, academic discourse and reasoning skills.
  • Provides interactive, student-centered activities that promote student engagement and ownership of learning.

Together, this curriculum will prepare our students for AP classes, college courses and career readiness beyond high school. 

For more information, please visit the SpringBoard website.  http://springboardprogram.collegeboard.org/