Juneau School District Budget Update

With the adjournment of the Alaska Legislature this week, Juneau School District administrators and Board of Education leaders reviewed the expected revenues and the recently adopted budget for FY 2014.

As the legislative session closed, the Alaska Legislature provided additional funding for the Juneau School District. These important funds are targeted for specific uses, and the district will now begin planning for when the funds become available. Much of the additional funding is included in the State’s Capital Budget that will now go to the Governor for approval.

New money has been allocated for identified purposes, and the Juneau School District will use it as intended to strengthen safety and security in schools, build infrastructure, update instructional materials to meet core standards, and obtain new curriculum to help students meet new graduation requirements. This will not change the operating budget that has been submitted to the City and Borough of Juneau.

The administrative team and Board leadership determined it is not necessary at this time to revisit the approved FY 2014 budget. As such, two previously scheduled Special Meetings that had been set for April 22 and 23 have been canceled.