School District Requests Independent Investigation

Juneau School District administrators were notified last week of allegations concerning a possible assault against a student by a School District employee.  District administrators turned the matter over to the appropriate authorities and are cooperating fully in the investigation. Juneau School District employees alleged to have been involved have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.  

Due to the nature of the allegations, JSD Superintendent Glenn Gelbrich has asked the City and Borough of Juneau to appoint an independent, third-party investigator. 

In agreeing to Superintendent Gelbrich’s request, City and Borough Manager Kim Kiefer confirmed that the City and Borough considers this a matter of utmost importance.  It is the City and Borough’s intent to have the independent investigation begin as soon as practicable, without interfering with the ongoing criminal investigation.

The Juneau School District will continue to cooperate fully and will take whatever appropriate action is necessary based on the outcomes of these investigations.