School District Investigates Football Allegations

Juneau School District administrators were notified this week of allegations that a high school football coach may have been involved in a boxing match with a student last summer.  The incident allegedly took place while the Thunder Mountain High School football team was traveling to a summer football camp in Oregon.  

It is further alleged that the coach struck a student and that the student may have been knocked unconscious at the time.  District administrators turned the matter over to the Juneau Police Department, filed a report with the Office of Children's Services and are cooperating fully in the investigation.  Two coaches have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.  

Superintendent Glenn Gelbrich issued the following statement, “We are deeply concerned about these allegations and the details that are emerging regarding this incident.  We are concerned further that this incident went unreported for nearly nine months.  The Juneau School District has higher expectations of our staff and coaches who we entrust with our students.”