Budget Committee Makes Recommendations to Board of Education

The Juneau School District (JSD) Board of Education (BoE) created a FY2014 Budget Committee to participate in the development of the school district budget.  The Budget Committee was composed of 17 voting members, including a representative from each school site council, one teacher, one classified staff member and three at-large community members.  Additionally, the members of the Board of Education served as non-voting members.  The Budget Committee was co-chaired by a member of the BoE and a community member elected by the membership.  The Budget Committee met seven times in the period of January 15 through February 26 to review the budget, hear public testimony, ask questions, identify issues, develop alternatives, discuss priorities and formulate a recommendation. 

The Budget Committee was briefed on the JSD 2010-14 Strategic Plan as well as JSD FY2014 Board Budgeting Strategies and JSD BoE Dashboard Indicators of Success.  At the third meeting, Superintendent Glenn Gelbrich presented a FY2014 Budget Proposal by the Administration (referred to as the “Administration Proposal”).  In the Administration Proposal, $300,000 of resources was left unallocated for the specific purpose of seeking the input of the Budget Committee on the allocation of those resources.  The committee used the Administration Proposal as the basis for our budget deliberations.

The Budget Committee considered additions to the Administration Proposal, reductions or cuts, as well as possible sources of revenues.  There were issues that the Budget Committee felt touched “policy” and would be more appropriately dealt with by the Board of Education themselves in future sessions. 

The final recommendation of the committee was presented to the BoE on March 5, 2013. That recommendation is attached below.