Congratulations Academic Decathlon Competitors!

JDHS Academic Decathlon competitors came back triumphant from the second Southeast Regional competition last week:

The following JDHS decathletes were among the top ten highest scoring in the competition:

Pelle Arthur - First place overall competition
Megan Sheufelt Second place overall
Kyle Short   Third place overall
Elle Campbell  9th place overall 
Jasmine Brown 10th place overall

Individual placements in the ten testing events:

Essay -  1st - Pelle Arthur
Math - 1st-Megan Sheufelt & Elle Campbell;  4th-Pelle Arthur;  5th-Trevor Clauder
Music - 1st Megan Sheufelt;  2nd Elle Campbell;  3rd Pelle Arthur
Science - 2nd-Megan S;  3rd-Trevor Clauder;  4th-Manni Guillen;  5th-Elle Campbell
Economics - 1st-Megan S; 2nd Kyle Short; 5th-Jasmine Brown
Speech - 1st-Elle C; 2nd-Kyle S; 4th Pelle A.
Interview - 1st Pelle A;  4th-Manni G;  5th-Jasmine B
Lang & Lit -1st-Pelle A & Megan S;  2nd-Kyle S
Fine Art - 2nd Megan S;  4th-Kyle S;  5th-Pelle A
Social Science - 2nd-Pelle A;  5th-Megan S

The team heads to state in February and hope to return with similar success.Theses students have the love of learning in common. They study different themes yearly, so students leave Acadeca with a wealth of knowledge that goes beyond the traditional high school curriculum.