School Safety and Helping Children Cope

Our thoughts are with the Sandy Hook School and the community of Newtown, CT this week. The Juneau School District shares in the grief that has spread across our nation.

We want to reassure the community of Juneau that the safety of our students is the top priority in our district. We take seriously our responsibility to ensure the safety of your child every day.

We have emergency preparedness plans in place at each of our schools to handle emergency situations. We work with the police and fire departments to prepare for these types of emergencies and regularly practice our safety procedures with students and staff through discussions and emergency drills.

With the principals of each of our schools, we are renewing our efforts to keep children safe. Schools have been asked to review practices to make sure that emergency and prevention plans are being followed. We are dedicated to creating a culture where everyone shares in the responsibility to be vigilant and focused on safety.

It takes our whole community working together to protect our children from harm. We ask that you talk with your children about the importance of the drills they practice in school. Remind them to always share any information that could be considered threatening with a trusted adult. Report any safety concerns to your school officials.

Talking to your children can help them cope with this news. If you need ideas about how to help your child deal with tragedy,the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) has information posted on their website. An information sheet on how to talk to students about violence is attached below.

                    NASP - Helping Children Cope:  Tips for Parents and Teachers

                    NASP - School Violence Prevention and Response:

Talking about Violence with Students37.49 KB