2013-14 Calendar Options Released

The 2013-14 Calendar Committee has released two options for your consideration for the upcoming school year.

The Committee is looking for feedback on these two options. Please email comments to calendar@jsd.k12.ak.us.  Once input has been gathered, a proposal will be presented to the Board of Education in a first reading on January 8, 2013.

NEW this year, as part of this process, the Committee will be proposing a two-year package to the Board. The second year will mirror the option that is ultimately recommended to the Board. Moving to a two-year process is intended to help JSD employees; families and our community plan activities farther in advance.

The deadline for comments is January 4, 2013. Common themes from the comments received will be provided to the Board of Education.

Changes in both proposals from the current calendar:

         - No school on April 25, 2013 for post-assessment break

         - Secondary Staff Work Day on May 30, 2013

Key differences between the options:


         - District wide Professional Development Days:  August 15/16 and January 21

         - Fall Elementary Conferences/Teacher Work Day occurs during the week of Thanksgiving, November 25 – 27

         - Secondary Professional Development: November 25 & 26

         - Secondary Schools Break – No school November 27


         - Professional Development Days:  August 16, Alaska Day, January 21

         - Alaska Day is Professional Development Day

         - Fall Elementary Conferences/Teacher Work Day occurs on November 7, 8 & 12, near Veterans’ Day

         - Secondary Professional Development November 7 & 8

         - Secondary Schools Break – No school November 12

Thank you to JSD Calendar Committee members Allie Smith, Chris Heidemann, Molly Hillis, Linda Thompson, Scott Naegle, Tom Milliron and Phil Bedford.

To provide comments on the 2013-14 calendar please email calendar@jsd.k12.ak.us.

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