Helping Others Through Grief

Our thoughts are with the family, friends and classmates who are grieving the loss of one of our students in a jet ski accident this weekend. As we support each other during this difficult time, here are some ways to help. If students or families need additional support, please see the link below or call the JDHS office at 523-1501.

Seven Ways to Assist a Griever:

  1. Be present physically as well as emotionally.
  2. Assist the griever in accepting, expressing and identifying feelings.
  3. Listen non-judgmentally and with permissiveness and acceptance.
  4. Let your genuine concern and caring show. 
  5. Encourage the griever to talk about the deceased.
  6. Provide the griever with information about the grief process.
  7. Encourage the griever to be patient with herself or himself, not to expect too much and not to impose any "shoulds".

Things to Avoid:

  1. Do not support flight through moving or change.
  2. Do not allow the griever to remain isolated.
  3. Do not let your own sense of helplessness keep you from reaching out.
  4. Do not encourage responses adverse to appropriate grief.
  5. Do not be afraid to mention the deceased to the griever.
  6. Do not be amazed if the griever talks about the same things repeatedly.
  7. Do not let your own needs determine the experience for the griever.
  8. Do not expect the bereaved to be exactly the same person after the loss.
  9. Do not tell a griever she or he should feel better because he has other loved ones who are still alive.
  10. Do not try and explain the loss in religious or philosophical terms too early.
  11. Do not push the griever into new relationships before she or he is ready.

For other community support services, please click here.