Student Achievement Report


  • The general upward trend in student achievement is encouraging.
  • Graduation rate is up.
  • Our schools are more successful with more of our students, but we are still striving to meet the needs of each one, every one in our district.

 Different Assessments in District

  • Different assessments measure different aspects of student performance and/or progress as one of the ways we look at how students are learning in our schools.
  • Standards Based Assessment (SBA) measures performance in reading, writing, math & science against Alaska standards in grades 3-10.
  • Terra Nova tests reading, language use and math on national standards in grades 5 and 7.
  • Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA2) measures reading levels.
  • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) measures performance on national standards and tracks individual progress in fall, winter and spring in reading, language use and math for grades K – 10.


  • Reading performance improved at a moderate to strong rate on most tests, and the majority of students showed significant progress on MAP tests over the year. However, a small decrease was seen in SBA results.
  • Writing proficiency increased on SBA and Terra Nova assessments and most students showed progress from fall to spring on MAP tests.
  • Math results from Terra Nova and SBA show improvement in performance and MAP testing showed the strongest measure of progress – with every grade level increasing during the school year.
  • Show steady performance against Alaska state standards, but larger gains in achievement based on higher, national standards.

 Graduation Rate

  • New way of calculating 4-year and 5-year on time graduation rate this year.
  • 2011 Graduation rate is 71.5% for 4 year on-time graduation.
  • 72.4% for five-year graduation rate.

 What now?

  • Continue to analyze specific skills and strategies in reading, writing, math and science to effectively meet the diverse needs of our students.
  • Continue to use Professional Learning Communities during Early Release Mondays to study data and classroom work to focus on individual student learning.
  • Continue implementing the Strategic Plan to elevate student success.
  • Focus on making sure that each one, every one of our students crosses the stage at graduation prepared for success after high school.

To view the complet Student Achievement Report (StAR) visit the Assessments page of our website.